Why clusters?

In New Plant teamwork stands for the main word in our vocabulary. Teamwork stands for ‘’the word’’ in our company.

Everything we are and everything we do is based on successful integration of motivated and team-oriented people who strive to be as good as they can possibly be. Each and every cluster consists of five team members, who cooperate on specific tasks and provide our clients with the best possible service in the field of:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Customer support and
  • Graphic design

In this manner, our clusters are able to monitor various products from different categories, as well as to advise our clients whether they should expand their product portfolio by introducing new items, thus boost their revenue and attracting more customers in the future. In this way, teams are able to effectively communicate and cooperate towards fulfilment of mutual goals.

Teamwork, motivation and happiness

We are constantly on the lookout for talented and professional staff to join our teams, whether you are an IT expert, an online marketing specialist, a logistical genius or a stellar salesperson. If you believe that you can help New Plant achieve great results, you could be just the person we’re looking for.