Human Resources Department

Highly reliable and motivated professionals

Our human resources department has myriad different functions that both the company and its employees need.

We are highly reliable and motivated professionals proven in:

  • Consulting with senior managers to identify skill needs and qualifications
  • Creating job and task descriptions for recruiting, hiring and training purposes
  • Coordinating and performing recruitment, interviewing and hiring processes
  • Overseeing orientation and training of new hires
  • Working on employers’ reputation, being the first people new employees get acquainted with, promoting and maintaining a good relationship between the company and its employees
  • Keeping the organisation compliant with labour laws and regulation
  • Handling employee concerns
  • Employee assessment
  • Designing and managing incentive compensation programs

The human capital of the company is one of its prime investments, so they have to be cared for in a way that allows them to be productive, as well as to flourish as individuals.

Teamwork, motivation and happiness

We are constantly on the lookout for talented and professional staff to join our teams, whether you are an IT expert, an online marketing specialist, a logistical genius or a stellar salesperson. If you believe that you can help New Plant achieve great results, you could be just the person we’re looking for.