Let’s talk business!

The Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad and Subotica invited us to introduce their university students with...

"Bring your pet to work" day!

Our furry friend is the perfect proof of the company's pet-friendly policy. Meet Murfy, our dog model...

Christmas is a time of giving!

2019 is almost behind us, and while we are still working hard, we are also eagerly looking forward to...

It is time for team building!

In New Plant, we believe that creating strong bonds among employees is an integral part of our success...

Work hard, play hard!

After a long day at work, every now and then we like to throw a party! :-)

Hard work pays off!

Ever since I started my job at New Plant as a procurement manager, I knew it was the best choice for me. Being part of such young, inspiring and friendly team plays...

What to do after graduation?

We are proud of being invited and of participating in an event that was organised by the Department of Romance Languages at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad...

Basic concepts of e-commerce

During April 2019, we have been hosts to the third year management student interns. Our dedicated teams have introduced them to basic concepts of e - commerce.

Future perspectives of online business

Here at New Plant, we like sharing knowledge and experience among ourselves, but we also care about future professionals who will build their careers in the field of e - commerce.

Integral elements for future success

Here at New Plant, we believe that permanent employee training stands for one of the integral elements for future success.